As I went into my tenth year as a dance teacher, I started to notice I was missing something in my classes. Even though I have been blessed to teach all kinds of levels of dance, to so many different students, and I tried to offer them as much information and opportunities as I could, these kind of classes always revolve around the physicality of dance. Training to become the best dancer you can be.
And it wasn’t just my classes, as a teacher you simply have limited time and space to truly capture all elements in your curriculum. These last years I realised I wanted to offer more to my students and that they were eager to receive it. To give them the opportunity to really figure out their vision as a person and a dancer, and to connect that vision to their art. Something I wish I had when I was a student, an opinion I now know is shared by many. And that’s why I decided it was time to bundle those ideas into one program.

I wanted to create a program that provides young dancers with high-level training, and personal coaching to really dive into their development as a whole, not just the dance part of it. To give young professionals the chance to go out in the field, walk alongside of, and work with, professionals that inspire them. To figure out what it is they want to be doing with their art and maybe even get an opportunity or two themselves to get to work along the lines of their ambitions.  And that’s how MAREA came to life.

Being a part of MAREA means becoming part of a community that is focused on artistic expansion, personal growth and physical awareness. You’ll be working towards a professional, performance-ready repertoire as part of your training program.

Directed by Nina van der Zouwen, and supported by a variety of guest teachers, the program finds its roots in contemporary and jazz, embracing technique, alignment and body awareness as its core.

We aim to provide versatile, professional training, within a safe and supportive environment that encourages you to explore your growth, personally and artistically. 

We focus on:

  • Comprehensive, high-level training in technique, choreography and performance.
  • Artistic projects emphasising the research of authenticity and artistry.
  • Gaining professional experience in the field and building a bigger common network.
  • Individual mentorship and coaching.