‘When the snow melts’ is a confrontation with our judgment and the form it has taken. Our perception has become a second skin and prevents us from being honest. Thats why we will compare our mirrors and get rid of our armor, for our only exit is water. And so we wade in softness and find our strength.

Premiering May 2021.

Previous Work

Damage Done


Deafening silence, surrounded by thousands of stimuli and a chest that seems to burst from its skin. Your breathing stops and the silence grows further in the dark, who am I when I don’t do anything anymore?

Performed at Open Your Mind Stage Day (Top 8) & Freedom City Festival.

Dancers: Alessio Reedijk, Ryan Rademakers, Nina van der Zouwen.



TIBA is a performance about fighting habits. Discovering patterns and breaking them. But especially about humans. A creature of habit at heart, what are we without?

Performed at Café Theater Festival, AntiKater Theater, Festival Samen De Basis Doorn, Delft Fringe Festival, Kijken Kijken Kopen Alkmaar

Dancers: Melina Romano, Flory Curescu, Anna Lindaya, Djordy Vogel, Rianne Wijman, Nena Desserjer, Fien Lute, Lotte Lensink, Nina van der Zouwen.



What do we carry in our blood?
Fragile and powerful is the search for the woman. While dancing, they embody their ode as the last of the women’s line. A duet that yearns for understanding and healing.

Performed at Stukafest, Gluren Bij De Buren, PACT, Young City Festival & KNUS Festival Utrecht. Hongerige Wolf Festival, Rotary Wereldavond Unicef Benefit, Veenendaal, Uitfeest Utrecht: National Theatre Season’s opening

Dancers: Melina Romano, Nina van der Zouwen.

Tongues of Denial


A loner or a hermit?
Many individuals can be found in a foyer, together forming a small society. But what does the presence of another do to them? Do they feel connected or alone?
Six of these individuals will, through dance, take you into their process of self-discovery, while facing society and its associated expectations and opinions.

Performed at Café Theater Festival Utrecht, Watdajel Festival Utrecht, Culturele Zondag Utrecht, Vondelpark Openlucht Theater Amsterdam, Het Huis Utrecht, Female Firefighters Convention Assen, International Convention for Veteran Healthcare Amsterdam

Dancers: Melina Romano, Timothy Akinbile, Nasser Paris Lima, Isaiah Wilson, Elaine Gadet, Justin de Jager, Anna Lindaya, Rianne Wijman, Gary Gravenbeek, Nina van der Zouwen.