Movement to me will always be a tool, which gives you the opportunity to connect.

Having taught dance for the last ten years, the focal point of my classes has been self discovery and personal growth. The same I try to achieve with my choreographic work. 

After creating multiple shows with NEVA these past years, I have now started my individual journey as a maker and I look forward to seeing where that will bring me.

Next to exploring my path as an artist, I am active as a board member for Residenties in Utrecht and am maintaining my role as Artistic Director for the NEVA Foundation.

For the last four years my focus has been creating a home base for artists, where they can share, connect and grow together, in the shape of my foundation NEVA and our Studio MONAD.

A place where movement might be the connecting factor, but the community that results from this is the most valuable outcome.

Being born in The Netherlands I grew up with the ocean as my backyard. And even though I find myself living in Utrecht now, my home will forever be the beach, with my feet in the sand and the sound of waves guiding me there.

As I let my creativity take a run with me, my art comfort me and my intuition guide me, my path has led me across many wonderful places, people and opportunities.
I’m so grateful that I get to connect with, and through, my art and I only hope I get to share my journey with many, many more of you.

So, grow with me and enjoy all that I create with love.